If you’re joining us on location at Montreat, here is a guide that should help you during your time with us.
This will be updated frequently.


At Evolving Faith, there will be multiple food vendor options. Here are ways that you can stay on-site during the conference.

Food Trucks:
Friday: Okies Dokies (Lunch) MENU, Bun Intended (Dinner) MENU

Saturday: Amazing Pizza Company (Lunch) MENU , Grateful Roots (Lunch) MENU

Both Days: Nibbles and Sips (both days 9am-5pm) MENU (This is mostly a coffee/beverage place and snacks)

Pre-Ordered Box Lunch: This option is available via Eventbrite until October 15th, 2018. For $20 you can get box lunches delivered to Montreat Conference Center on each day. On Friday October 26th, we will have Chic Fil A. In this bag, you will get a Chicken Sandwich, Chips, a Cookie, and Bottled Water will be provided. On Saturday October 27th, we will have Jason's Deli. In this bag, you will get the option between 3 Sandwich options to choose from, determined by you once we have a headcount, Chips, a Cookie and Bottled Water. Pre-Order here.

Howerton Dining Room (Montreat College Dining Room): You can find the dining hall’s hours here.  The dining room supervisor said that they will welcome any walk-ins. Breakfast is $6.60, Lunch is $9.00, Dinner is $10.45. MENU (or click the link and find it with dining hall hours)

If you prefer to leave and explore the local area, please check out the PDF from Montreat here by clicking the button below.


For an up to date version of the schedule, please go here. Please note that the schedule is subject to change. Please check it frequently.


Parking at Montreat Conference Center is limited for a conference of this size. On location we have about 345 parking spaces for 1,400 attendees. We will be securing other locations to park at with shuttles to pick people up and bring them to the conference center. We will share those locations as soon as we have them. We would recommend carpooling and ride sharing (Lyft) if possible! All in all, we look to have about 500 parking spaces in total which should cover us for our time together. If you are in need of assistance, and need to park close, we will have spaces reserved for you near Anderson Auditorium. See below for a detailed Montreat Parking Map.


There will be 2 loops. A “lake loop”-what I’m calling it, and a Gate/Church Loop. Both shuttles around the lake loop (the orange) first until we fill all of the close parking. Then when we start moving people to Welch (the baseball field), I’ll start running one shuttle to welch and they will turn around at the gate. Eventually we’ll move both shuttles to running the gate loop. IF all of our onsite parking fills up, we will start moving people to the church. On Friday it will be First Baptist (30 Montreat Rd, Black Mountain, NC 28711) and on Saturday it will be Black Mountain Pres (117 Montreat Rd, Black Mountain, NC 28711). If we have to park people at the church, no one will monitor that parking, but we’ll expand the loop that the shuttles take. If push comes to shove, we may park some people at the Bi-Lo, but I’m hoping that is a last resort. The address for Bi-Lo is 205 NC-9, Black Mounatin.

I’m getting our graphic designer to make shuttle stop signs for the lake loop. There will be 4 around the lake. The only 2 stops for the gate loop are Welch and the welcome center. I’ve numbered them on the map. We may find that we don’t necessarily need the lake loop, but since it’s supposed to be raining on Friday, I would like to give people the option.

During the lunch hour and the end of the day, I would like you all to both run the Gate Loop/Church Loop. Because that loop is bigger, I would like to get people to their cars as quickly as possible. You all will just run those loops continuously during those times. So in the morning will be the only times we have 2 loops. I’m hoping that won’t be too confusing for people, but I think we can monitor it and see how it goes on Friday. Saturday we may only want one loop.

On Saturday we will have access to Montreat College’s parking. I’m hoping that will allow us to park more people onsite and we won’t have to use off-site parking at all.


Below you will find Maps of Montreat.


Parents of LGBTQIA Children

There will be a Parents of LGBTQIA Children meet up during lunch on Friday the 26th at the Moore Center Meeting Room (A12 on the map). This is facilitated by Ziggy Janzen.

People of Color
There will be a meet up during lunch on Friday the 26th at the Upper Anderson Room(A2 on the map) for People of Color. This is facilitated by Karyn Sciortino Johnson.

If you would like to communicate with other Attendee’s about ideas, meet-up’s, want to dialogue about a topic, comment or start a thread below.