We are very excited to announce that Evolving Faith 2018 is completely sold out! And, if you haven’t registered, we are very sorry you will not be joining us. But here’s the good news: The dates and location for Evolving Faith 2019 will be announced in October! If you would like to be on the mailing list to receive your information first, please fill out the following information:

What's better than that? We just announced Streaming for this year's Evolving Faith Conference for $59.  Click here to buy the webcast.

We would also recommend that you follow our Facebook page as registrants who discover they are unable to attend will announce available tickets there!

Thanks, and we hope to see you in 2019!
The Evolving Faith Team

Your faith is changing, and everything else seems to be changing with it—your relationships, your views on justice and social issues, your experience with the Church, your very identity. 

Evolving Faith is a gathering of kindred spirits, an opportunity to learn, wrestle, worship, laugh and commiserate as we navigate this journey through the Wilderness together.

Curated by Rachel Held Evans and Sarah Bessey and hosted at the beautiful Montreat Conference Center near Asheville, North Carolina, Evolving Faith features a robust diversity of speakers leading conversations around everything from the Bible, to parenting, to politics, to racial justice, to art and science.

So come as you are! Doubters and dreamers are welcome. Parents and singles are welcome. (Note: We offer childcare.) Pastors and church drop-outs, LGBTQ friends and Bible nerds, post-evangelicals and “happy-clappy” Pentecostals—all are welcome to the Table.

We hope you will leave feeling a little more inspired and a little less alone.